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    Libya: oil all over the world


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    Oil is the lifeblood of Libya, almost no other industry in the country.According to world bank statistics, oil revenue account for more than 95% of the Libyan government budget.Because about 80% of all libyans wages by government, it is no exaggeration to say that oil is the daily life of the Libyan people.No country would be so dependent on a single source of energy.
    The United States military academy at west point north Africa risk advisor and assistant professor Jeff Herbert said, "no oil revenues, the Libyan man's survival is big problem. Because there is no export revenues,, no money and food".
    The political divide
    Because in the Libyan civil war worsened over the past year, export revenues have fallen sharply, energy output current is approximately a quarter of the gadhafi era, oil Libya parties become battlegrounds.
    Since May 2014, Libya, there are two competing government.Last year, the elected national assembly, but because of the low voter turnout, part of the interest groups believe that they are unfairly represents.Therefore, in the capital, tripoli, Libya's national assembly claims that it is the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people.In the eastern city of tobruk Libyan national congress announced that its legitimacy is the only and recognized by international governments.
    Due to the Libyan government split into two, most organizations also divided into two parts.Two government judges appointed separate judicial system, run their own central Banks, and retain independent military force.
    The most serious division is division of Libya's national oil company (NOC).Given the status of oil in Libya, the national economy, the importance of Libya's national oil is self-evident.Has been in tripoli, Libya's national oil headquarters and national congress announced in December last year, the eastern oil in tobruk, Libya countries all oil companies must only deals with the company.Because national congress believed that the oil belongs to the eastern Libya recognized by international governments.
    March meeting of the United Nations security council has passed a resolution, said Libya's national oil will remain independent and fair to deal with two government.Resolution signed, most oil export port in tobruk also under the control of the government, and all contracts and payments are by government in tripoli.The resolution was committed to maintaining the status quo.
    But in March, the resolution obviously no practical significance.The next few months, tobruk government has been promoting the plan for building the eastern Libya's national oil, and is firmly opposed to tripoli, and adhere to all the oil contract must through their hands.
    The trouble of the oil
    Libya's national oil both producers and has the function of management.Because of Libya's national oil lack of oil exploration technology, usually cooperate with foreign oil companies to develop oil and gas, and responsible to get the best deal, as well as supervision, resource management and production.This role requires experience and politics, and tripoli, Libya's national oil claimed that it only has the ability to do this.
    But the eastern Libya oil also didn't back down.In August, the government of tobruk appointed former Libyan countries oil engineers el al-maghrabi, as the President of the eastern Libya's national oil and hope he can out of the predecessor, the shadow of failure.
    As the new President at the helm, tobruk government-led eastern Libya's national oil began to persuade foreign oil companies to expand our business to the east.In a conference in Malta in September, al-maghrabi tell potential foreign investors, the company has set up a bank account in dubai and Egypt, ready to fully traded around tripoli.
    Although there is no big oil companies to attend the meeting, but the eastern Libya's national oil to smaller oil companies provide a persuasive argument.Theoretically, it is only by the internationally recognized government on behalf of Libya, and control of the country's main export terminals.
    Al-maghrabi said at the meeting, "have some illegal trading, warned that the international oil companies do not want to illegal situation to continue".
    So far, including BP, eni and total, the majority of foreign oil companies choose to continue to deal with the tripoli government, rather than the internationally recognized government of tobruk.A former employees of the Arabian gulf oil company, said control of Libya's oil binding legal contracts and expensive, enterprises are reluctant to put the fate in the hands of inexperienced tobruk government.Lack of management experience, and tobruk government al-maghrabi did work in Libya's national oil before, but is out of the field for many years.
    Who can control oil
    The United Nations special envoy to Libya Bernard dino Leon had tried to persuade the government and tripoli tobruk government signed a peace agreement, the end of the fight.Leon up several continuous plan, expected to eventually signed a peace agreement, but he has failed to convince the two governments signed any agreement.On November 4, the United Nations announced that German diplomat Martin cobra will replace Leon, and will face the enormity of the task to restart negotiations.
    Peace agreement will include all appointed only leaders of the government institutions, including Libya oil countries.Tobruk, however, the government has showed shrugged off the deal, and are still actively seeking to steal customers from competitors.
    So far, the eastern Libya oil has not been successful completion of any transaction.But if it can further consolidate of oil production and export facilities, the situation may change.
    Tobruk government closed on November 3rd Zueitina oil output port, forced the tripoli government to inform buyer, may not be able to fulfill the contract obligations.Regardless of future negotiations toward tobruk government show that its ability to prevent competitors to obtain crucial export facilities, which may have a decisive significance.Rand, deputy director of the center for international security policy, said Christopher QuWeiSi "for foreign oil companies, Libya's national oil's appeal lies in its control of the oil".
    In fact, the conflict is not only involved in two squabbling governments.Libya has many tribes have their own interests and fans.QuWeiSi said, "I think all of questions about the control comes down to who can control oil".
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